Centre For Mycorrhiza Culture Collection- CMCC

 Wide diversity exists within arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi, which has over 210 species within the order Glomales, the diversity that shows up in morphology, physiology, and functionality. To conserve and exploit this diversity, the Centre for Mycorrhizal Culture Collection (CMCC) was established in 1993 with seed support from the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.  The activities of the CMCC include: 

  • Collection of native strains
    Screen, isolate, identify, multiply, and maintain native mycorrhizal fungi
    Preserve germplasm
    Provide starter cultures on request
  • Procure strains from India and abroad
    Multiply and maintain these fungi in pure culture
    Preserve germplasm Provide starter cultures on request
  • Develop a database on cultures maintained in CMCC, TERI

The Mycorrhiza Network has developed a database of cultures 1. Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Collection
2. Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungal Collection . These databases will help researchers obtain information on specific cultures of interest. The database houses and maintains cultures from different agro-ecological zones of the country and has an impressive collection of over 600 isolates, of which  257 are ecto mycorrhizal (EM) isolates and over 300 are AM fungi. The information in the database include the Germplasm Bank Code against each fungus name (genus and species).  

The CMCC maintains starter cultures that can be provided on request, depending upon the availability.  Minimum service charges to cover the cost of culture preparation and handling would be admissible.