CMCC is a Mycorrhizal Bioresources Centre, which aims at Conservation of Mycorrhizal biodiversity by means of collection, propagation, isolation, characterization, and maintenance of culturals under in-situ conditions. These Mycorrhizal culturals are then sterilized and successfully brought into in-vitro condition for its mass propagation and preservation. Our endeavour is to preserve the Mycorrhizal Biodiversity that show up in morphology, physiology, genetics, and functionality. The objective is to study the rich germplasm that exists among nature, perpetuate them both under in-situ as well as in-vitro conditions so that we are capable of supplying them to researchers and industry for its apposite application. The Centre for Mycorrhizal Culture Collection (CMCC) was established in 1993 with seed support from the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Since then, the bank has a glorious collection of above 600 different isolates of which 257 are ecto mycorrhizal (EMF) and over 350 are Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AMF) isolates.