Culture Availability

CMCC is actively involved in the supply of Mycorrhiza cultures:

  • Pure non-sterile AMF spores generated from monosporal cultures
  • Pure culture of Ectomycorrhiza

Non-sterile spores generated from monosporal cultures under in-situ conditions

List of Monosporal cultures that are readily available for research includes:


  • CMCC/AM-2501
  • CMCC/AM-2403
  • CMCC/AM-1207
  • CMCC/AM-2705
  • CMCC/AM-1802
  • CMCC/AM-1501
  • CMCC/AM-1301
  • CMCC/AM-1701


Pure culture of ectomycorrhiza

Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungal Collection

Few examples of Ectomycorrhiza Pure cultures:

Bacterial collection