About the Project

The rapid developments in agriculture with increasing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have caused pollution of soil, subsoil water and environment.  Increasing number of scientists are, therefore, becoming involved in research on biofertilizers mainly on mycorrhiza (a fungal – root association) to not only alleviate chemical pollution but also to save on chemical fertilizers, reduce the use of pesticides and to boost agriculture production. The mycorrhizal research has attracted universal attention and has made remarkable progress. Over 400 scientists in India are presently engaged in mycorrhiza research but they face difficulties in obtaining latest literature on mycorrhiza due to non-availability of foreign journals. There is thus a great need for establishment of a database on mycorrhiza with abstracts from papers published in Indian and foreign journals so that continuous dissemination of latest published literature to Indian Mycorrhiza scientists is made possible. This will not only help them in formulating their projects but would also fully equip them with latest progress in this field.

Against this background, TERI, with support from Technology Information Facilitation Programme of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India, initiated a project, titled - Design and Development of On-line Database on Mycorrhiza.

The objectives are to

collect literature, build an on-line searchable database, digitize and store abstracts and bibliographies; and develop methodologies for retrieval of information;
develop a directory of mycorrhiza scientists in Asian region particularly India to create a network of scientists as also centers and institutions where mycorrhizal research is being carried out; and
facilitate open access to current research findings and development; promote research among scientists, agriculturists, mycorrhizologists and students