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An international directory of mycorrhizologists is under preparation. The objective is to create a network of scientists associated directly with research on mycorrhizae as also to identify global centers and institutions where such research is being carried out.

The Directory is being developed based on the information collected through specially designed questionnaire. Based on the responses received, the directory will be strengthened with details of mycorrhiza scientists. The Directory is considered to be an on-going activity with new additions continually updating this directory. The directory has been made accessible through the Mycorrhiza Network web site and will help Mycorrhiza scientists to communicate among themselves and update their CVs. The directory with a user-friendly front-end features the following search facilities:

  • Search by mycorrhizologist
  • Organization
  • Principal fields of interest [Category and Subject]
  • Combination of one or two of the above

You are welcome to become a Member of the Mycorrhiza Network.

Scientists working on mycorrhiza who have not yet filled up the questionnaire are requested to do so and submit the same on-line.