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11 November 2020 International Conference on Applied Microbiology Tokyo, Japan
28 September 2020 8th World Congress and Expo on Applied Microbiology. Barcelona, Spain
10 September 2020 6th Edition of Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology Paris, France
17 August 2020 15th International Conference on Microbial Interactions & Microbial Ecology Paris, France
10 August 2020 6th Annual Congress on Applied Microbiology and Beneficial Microbes Bangkok, Thailand.

6th Edition of Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology
10-12 September 2020
Venue : Paris, France
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Description : Theme: A deep focus on Plant Sciences and its Modern Techniques. GPMB 2020 is an international platform that amalgamates world renowned botany experts of both academics and industries from everywhere of the world. This event brings together all the plant science scientists, professors, researchers, botanists, agronomists, academicians to exchange and ability the novel ideas and innovations specializing in each theory and practices of Plant Science and Molecular Biology. It’s a mixture of keynote addresses, thought provocative lectures by most eminent speakers and poster presentations. GPMB 2020 conjointly welcomes workshops, symposia and exhibitors to showcase and share their innovations, ideas, laboratory techniques and developments with the World-renowned plant science experts coming round the globe. Scientific Sessions Plant BiotechnologyPlant Nutrition and Soil SciencesPlant Anatomy and MorphologyPlant Physiology and BiochemistryAgronomy and Agricultural ResearchPlant Molecular BiologyPlant Genetics and GenomicsPlant Metabolic EngineeringPlant HormonesPlant Sciences and ResearchPlant Diseases and BryologyPlant and EnvironmentPlant Pathology and MycologyPlant Ecology and TaxonomyPlant BiologyPlant Biochemistry and BiosystemsForest Science and Silviculture
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Christina Wilson
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Kate Flores
Program Co-ordinator

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Kathleen Moore

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4) For Conference Secretariet

Haruo Someya

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5) For Finance

Emma Watson

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Robert Hensley

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